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Is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings? Why is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings?

Kirk Cousins might be leaving the Vikings, as both sides seem open to a mutual split, with potential interest from teams like the Atlanta Falcons.

by Sona Krishnan

Updated Mar 07, 2024


Is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings? Why is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings?

Is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings?

Kirk Cousins might leave the Minnesota Vikings soon. Even though both sides like each other, it seems they might go separate ways. Kirk Cousins has been okay for the Vikings, but not great in the playoffs. He's also getting older, and his recent injury could be a concern. The Vikings say they want to keep him, but their actions suggest otherwise. They might let him explore other options, like joining the Atlanta Falcons.

Meanwhile, Justin Fields might not stay with the Chicago Bears. The team seems to be leaning towards drafting someone else, which could mean the end of Fields' time with the Bears. The Pittsburgh Steelers still believe in Kenny Pickett, despite doubts about his performance. They're not actively looking for another quarterback, showing they're committed to Pickett's growth.

Russell Wilson might still find a starting job, despite some recent struggles. Some teams might be interested in him, even if he's not their first choice. The New York Giants seem ready to move on from Daniel Jones, even though they're technically still committed to him. And it's unlikely that Jarrett Stidham is the Denver Broncos' long-term plan at quarterback. They'll probably look for someone else, either in the draft or through free agency.

Who is Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins is a football player from America. He plays as a quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL. Before playing in the NFL, he played college football for the Michigan State Spartans. He got chosen by the Washington Redskins in 2012, during the NFL draft. When he started in the NFL, he was a backup to another player named Robert Griffin III.

In 2015, Kirk Cousins got his big chance to play regularly. This happened because the main quarterback got injured. Kirk Cousins became the main player for the team until 2017. During this time, he did really well and even set some records for the Redskins. In 2017, he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl, which is a special game for the best NFL players.

After playing for the Redskins, Kirk Cousins wanted a long-term contract with the team. But they couldn't agree on terms, so he left in 2018. He then signed a big contract with the Minnesota Vikings. It was a special contract because it guaranteed him a lot of money. Since joining the Vikings, he has continued to perform well and has become known as one of the most accurate passers in NFL history.

He's also known for being very good at completing passes. In fact, he's ranked fifth in NFL history for his completion percentage. This means he's really good at throwing the ball to his teammates accurately. Additionally, his overall performance as a quarterback has earned him a spot as the eighth best in the NFL's career passer rating.

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Kirk Cousins Early Life

Kirk Cousins had his start in Barrington, Illinois, where he was born on August 19, 1988, to parents Don and Maryann Cousins. He grew up with two siblings, being the second oldest among them. He attended Holland Christian High School in Holland, Michigan, where he became known for his athletic abilities in football, baseball, and basketball. In baseball, he played as a third baseman and a pitcher, while on the basketball court, he was a standout player for his school's team.

During his junior year in high school, Cousins faced a challenge when he broke his ankle. Despite this setback, he remained determined to pursue his passion for football. To catch the attention of college recruiters, Cousins attended various camps to showcase his skills and make an impression. Despite the injury, Cousins still managed to achieve impressive statistics in football by the end of his high school career.

After finishing high school, Cousins had plans to sign with either Toledo or Western Michigan University for college football. However, everything changed when Mark Dantonio took over as the head coach at Michigan State University in 2007. Dantonio's arrival opened up a new opportunity for Cousins. When Dantonio struggled to secure his desired quarterback recruits, he extended a scholarship offer to Cousins, which he eagerly accepted. This marked the beginning of Cousins' collegiate football journey.

Alongside his athletic pursuits, Cousins was also involved in the Athletes in Action sports ministry during his high school and college years. This involvement highlighted his commitment not only to sports but also to his faith and community. Through dedication and hard work, Cousins paved the way for his future success both on and off the field.

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Kirk Cousins Career

Kirk Cousins had a great journey from college football to the NFL. He started his college career at Michigan State University in 2007. In his first year, he practiced with the team but didn't play in games. But as time went on, Cousins worked hard and became a key player for his team.

In 2009, Cousins became the starting quarterback for Michigan State. He led his team to a decent season, showing his talent with 19 touchdowns and over 2,600 passing yards. The next year, in 2010, he did even better, guiding his team to a fantastic 11-2 record and sharing the Big Ten Conference Championship.

Cousins continued his success into the 2011 season, leading his team to an 11-3 record and their first-ever appearance in the Big Ten Football Championship Game. He was really good individually too, leading the Big Ten Conference in pass completions, attempts, and passing yards. Cousins ended his college career on a high note with a big win in the Outback Bowl.

In the 2012 NFL Draft, Cousins was chosen by the Washington Redskins as the 102nd overall pick. Even though the Redskins had already picked another quarterback, Robert Griffin III, Cousins showed his talent during his rookie year. When Griffin got injured, Cousins stepped in and showed he could play at the highest level.

Cousins made his NFL debut in Week 5 of his rookie season, throwing his first NFL touchdown pass. He kept playing well throughout the season, even earning his first NFL start and leading his team to an important win. Despite starting as a backup, Cousins proved he could handle the pressure and help his team succeed. This was just the beginning of his successful career in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins Age

Kirk Cousins was born on August 19, 1988, in Barrington, Illinois, USA. He's now 35 years old, having been born in the late 1980s. This means he's experienced a significant portion of his life already, including his rise to prominence as a quarterback in the NFL. Despite being born in a relatively small town, Cousins has made a name for himself on the national stage through his accomplishments in football.

Growing up in Barrington, Cousins likely had dreams and aspirations like many other children. However, his talent and dedication to football set him apart. He pursued his passion for the sport, eventually becoming a standout player both in high school and later in college.

As he entered adulthood, Cousins embarked on his professional football journey. He worked hard to earn his place in the NFL, facing challenges and setbacks along the way. Despite these obstacles, he persevered, demonstrating resilience and determination in pursuit of his goals.

Now, at 35 years old, Cousins has established himself as a seasoned veteran in the NFL. He continues to compete at a high level, showcasing his skills and leadership on the field. His age may indicate experience, but it certainly hasn't diminished his drive to succeed and make an impact in the world of football.

Kirk Cousins Height and Weight

Kirk Cousins has a height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) and weighs approximately 205 pounds (93 kilograms). This means he is quite tall and has a good amount of weight for an athlete in the NFL, particularly as a quarterback. His height allows him to have a clear view of the field and make strategic plays, while his weight provides him with the necessary strength and stability to withstand tackles and pressure from opposing players.

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, Cousins is taller than the average person, which gives him an advantage in terms of visibility and reach on the football field. This height allows him to survey the field effectively, spot open receivers, and make accurate passes to advance his team's offense.

Weighing in at around 205 pounds, Cousins possesses a solid physique that helps him endure the physical demands of playing football at a professional level. His weight gives him the necessary strength to throw the ball with power and precision, as well as to absorb hits from defensive players while maintaining control of the ball.

Cousins' height and weight also contribute to his overall athleticism and mobility on the field. Despite his size, he is agile and quick, allowing him to evade defenders, extend plays, and create opportunities for his team. This combination of size, strength, and agility makes him a versatile and effective quarterback in the NFL.

Why is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings?

Kirk Cousins might be leaving the Vikings because of a key comment made by Minnesota Vikings owner Mark Wilf last March. Wilf spoke about Cousins and mentioned "great things in '23," hinting that the team was not committed to him beyond that season. The Vikings had the chance to secure Cousins for multiple years, but they prioritized flexibility over a long-term commitment.

During negotiations, Cousins wanted the team to commit to him for several seasons, but the Vikings were hesitant to do so. This disagreement over the length of the contract created uncertainty about Cousins' future with the team.

Now, with Cousins' contract set to void soon and a significant dead-cap hit looming, the Vikings are facing a critical decision. They must choose whether to extend Cousins before his contract voids or risk losing him to another team. If they fail to secure Cousins, it could lead to speculation about the Vikings' plans for their next quarterback.

The situation highlights the importance of clear communication and alignment between players and teams during contract negotiations. Despite Cousins' consistent performance on the field, differences in long-term planning and financial considerations may ultimately lead to his departure from the Vikings.

Is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings - FAQs

1. Who is Kirk Cousins?  

Kirk Cousins is a football player from America. He plays as a quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL.

2. Is Kirk Cousins Leaving the Vikings?  

Kirk Cousins might leave the Minnesota Vikings soon.

3. Why might Kirk Cousins leave the Vikings?  

Cousins and the Vikings seem open to parting ways, with mutual interest.

4. What has Cousins previously stated about his career?  

He expressed a desire to finish his career in Minnesota, emphasizing the importance of the offer matching his aspirations.

5. How old is Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins is currently 35 years old.

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