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Bruce Willis Health Update and Illness, What Happened to Bruce Willis? What Illness Does Bruce Willis Have?

Bruce Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a degenerative condition affecting behavior and communication, leading to his retirement from acting in 2022.

by P Nandhini

Updated Mar 07, 2024


Bruce Willis Health Update and Illness, What Happened to Bruce Willis? What Illness Does Bruce Willis Have?

Bruce Willis Health Update and Illness

A little more than a year ago, Bruce Willis's family disclosed that he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. In 2022, he announced his retirement from acting due to the symptoms of his sickness. Bruce Willis's wife, Emma Hemming Willis, posted a statement on Instagram on Sunday regarding her husband's life following his primary progressive aphasia diagnosis.

After being "clickbait" by an article about her family, Emma Heming stated that she wanted to clarify assumptions about her husband's life. Heming stated that despite his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), the action actor continues to lead a life filled with "love, connection, joy, and happiness."

According to Dementia UK, FTD is an umbrella name for a collection of dementias that mostly impair the brain's frontal and temporal lobes, which are in charge of things like personality, behavior, language, and speech.

In the video she shared on Instagram, she said: “The headline basically says there is no more joy in my husband.

“Now, I can just tell you, that is far from the truth.

“I need society – and whoever’s writing these stupid headlines – to stop scaring people.

“Stop scaring people to think that once they get a diagnosis of some kind of neurocognitive disease that’s it. ‘It’s over. Let’s pack it up. We’re — Nothing else to see here. We’re done.’ No. It is the complete opposite of that.”

She continued: “There is grief and sadness. There’s all of that. But you start a new chapter.”

Heming said that the chapter is filled “with love, it’s filled with connection, it’s filled with joy, it’s filled with happiness”.

“That’s where we are. So stop with these stupid headlines. These stupid clickbait-y things that freak people out. Stop doing that. There’s nothing to see here, ok?”

“My experience is that two things can be true and exist at the same time. Grief and deep love. Sadness and deep connection. Trauma and resilience.” she continued in a caption for the post.

“I had to get out of my own way to get here but once I arrived, life really started to come together with meaning and I had a true sense of purpose. There is so much beauty and soulfulness in this story.”


Who is Bruce Willis?

Walter Bruce Willis is a retired American actor. He was born on March 19, 1955. His portrayal of John McClane in the Die Hard franchise earned him fame as an action hero. He came to fame with an iconic role in the comedy-drama series Moonlighting and has since starred in over a hundred movies. He starred in a number of low-budget direct-to-video movies in the latter part of his career, most of which got bad reviews.

Throughout his career, Willis has won numerous honors, such as two Primetime Emmy Awards, two People's Choice Awards, and a Golden Globe Award. In 2006, he was awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Willis is the eighth-highest-grossing leading actor of 2010 because of his roles in films that have made between US$2.64 billion and US$3.05 billion at North American box offices. Because of his aphasia, Willis quit from acting in 2022. In 2023, frontotemporal dementia was confirmed as his diagnosis.


What Illness Does Bruce Willis Have?

Actor Bruce Willis needed to quit after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, sometimes known as FTD. Unlike other forms of dementia, Willis' sickness, also referred to as FTD is a degenerative condition that mainly affects behavior and communication. Aphasia, a condition in which a person has difficulty speaking, writing, and understanding others, was one of the actor's first symptoms of the illness.

Aphasia can be brought on by a disease like frontotemporal dementia, in which case the communication problems worsen over time, or it can be brought on by a brain injury or stroke, in which case the start will typically be sudden.

Aphasia and frontotemporal dementia were recently recognized in Wendy Williams, a former talk show host and fellow celebrity, according to her care team.

The action star's family initially revealed in March 2022 that he was having communication difficulties and that he needed to leave Hollywood. They verified in February 2023 that his disease had advanced to the point where frontotemporal dementia was the official diagnosis.

The rest of the family, including Willis' daughters with his ex-partner Demi Moore, and his wife Emma Heming Willis have also provided updates. The most common type of dementia among people under 60 is frontotemporal dementia.

Bruce Willis Health Update and Illness - FAQs

1. Who is Bruce Willis?  

Bruce Willis is a retired American actor known for his iconic roles in action films like the Die Hard franchise.

2. What illness does Bruce Willis have?  

Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a degenerative condition that affects behavior and communication.

3. Why did Bruce Willis retire from acting?  

Bruce Willis retired from acting in 2022 due to the symptoms of his illness, which included communication difficulties.

4. How did Bruce Willis' family announce his illness?  

Bruce Willis' family disclosed his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia in a statement more than a year ago.

5. What are the symptoms of frontotemporal dementia (FTD)?  

Symptoms of FTD may include changes in behavior, personality, language difficulties, and problems with executive function.

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