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Is Elizabeth Rizzini Pregnant?

There have been rumors that the weathercaster might be pregnant, but she has not addressed the issue publicly. Additionally, she has not shown any signs of being pregnant.

by Deepika

Updated Mar 07, 2024


Is Elizabeth Rizzini Pregnant?

Who is Elizabeth Rizzini?

Elizabeth Rizzini, a British climate commentator and moderator, works for BBC London alongside Wendy Hurrell and Kate Kinsella. Born on November 19, 1975, in London, England. Rizzini studied in France and Spain before returning to London for a master's degree in environmental journalism and climate change. She previously worked as a weather news presenter for the Met Office before joining BBC London.

Rizzini is passionate about astronomy and space weather, and she enjoys participating in marathons, including the Great North Run and the Virgin Money London Marathon Media Presenters' team. She is in a relationship with a fellow student.

Rizzini is known for her work as a weathercaster on BBC London and her contributions to disability documentaries like "Being Frank: The Frank Gardner Story," which aired on BBC Two in November 2020. Additionally, she answers the SDN line every five minutes for three hours on various BBC radio stations.

Full Name

Elizabeth Rizzini

Date of Birth

November 19, 1975


48 years old


London, England, UK

Marital Status


Boyfriend Name

Frank Gardner




Is Elizabeth Rizzini Pregnant?

Elizabeth Rizzini is a British weathercaster known for her work with BBC London. She has garnered attention not only for her professional endeavors but also due to rumors surrounding her personal life, particularly regarding her potential pregnancy. Despite speculation circulating about Elizabeth Rizzini's pregnancy, she has chosen not to publicly address the issue.

This decision to maintain privacy regarding her personal life is common among public figures, especially when it comes to matters as intimate as pregnancy. It's important to respect her privacy and understand that individuals have the right to keep personal matters private until they choose to share them publicly.

Additionally, there have been no visible signs or indications from Elizabeth Rizzini herself that suggest she is pregnant. It's essential to rely on factual information rather than unsubstantiated claims, while rumors about Elizabeth Rizzini's pregnancy may circulate, she has not publicly addressed the issue, and there have been no visible signs indicating that she is expecting. However Elizabeth is already a mother of two children.

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Who is Elizabeth Rizzini Partner?

Elizabeth Rizzini's partner is Frank Gardner, who currently works as the security correspondent for BBC. Frank's notable work includes his contributions to the BBC Six O'Clock News. He was previously married to Amanda Jane Pearson for 22 years until their divorce in 2019, but they remain friends.

Elizabeth and Frank's relationship began after his divorce. Rumors circulated about them sharing kisses at a pub in South London, possibly after meeting at work. Frank Gardner gained attention after being attacked by Al Qaeda gunmen, leaving him paralyzed on his left side. Despite this, Elizabeth praises him for his resilience and describes him as "devastatingly handsome."

Despite their challenges, Elizabeth and Frank support each other. Frank appreciates Elizabeth's companionship, likening it to having a first girlfriend. They have a significant age difference of 15 years, with Elizabeth being younger. While they are deeply in love, Elizabeth and Frank have not discussed marriage, so it's unlikely to happen soon.

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How Old is Elizabeth Rizzini?

As of 2024, Elizabeth Rizzini is 49 years old. Elizabeth Rizzini was born on November 19, 1975, in London, and grew up in Croydon, England. Besides English, she fluently speaks Spanish and Italian. Rizzini lived in Spain and France during her studies before returning to England to pursue a master's degree in environmental journalism and climate change.

She is currently a diligent journalist working for BBC London. Rizzini holds a degree in meteorology from the University of Reading, focusing on weather patterns, atmospheric physics, and weather forecasting.Despite being London-born, Rizzini is fluent in Spanish and Italian. She also frequently visits the Isle of Wight to see her extended family.

Rizzini is in a relationship with Frank Gardner, who works as a security correspondent for the BBC. He was previously attacked by Al Qaeda gunmen, leaving him paralyzed.She is a proud pet owner, caring for two cats and two guinea pigs. Rizzini's fashion choices are often admired by her female fans, especially during her weather forecast presentations.

During her second pregnancy, her diligent work was well-documented by the media. Rizzini was recognized as one of the most influential individuals in an online survey conducted by klear.com. She maintains a strong presence on social media platforms and has a substantial fan base.

Elizabeth Rizzini Career

Elizabeth Rizzini is a respected weather presenter and moderator at BBC London, where she reports on the morning and lunchtime weather for BBC South East and Look East. She's known for her expertise and has been trained by the Met Office. Apart from her weather reporting duties, Rizzini has a keen interest in astronomy and space weather, which she showcased during her time presenting for the show "The Sky at Night".

She also participated in forecasting events like the landing of the Mars rover in 2018, which was featured on C4's Gogglebox. Rizzini's career has seen her work across various national and regional platforms, contributing to shows like Newsround and the Antique Roadshow.

Additionally, she's a passionate marathon runner, having participated in events like the Great North Run in 2015 to support the Save The Children organization and the London Marathon in 2016. Overall, Elizabeth Rizzini is a highly regarded figure in the field of weather forecasting, admired for her delivery and expertise, and she continues to make strides in both her professional and personal endeavors.

Elizabeth Rizzini Net Worth

Elizabeth Rizzini, a renowned British journalist, is well-known for her role as a BBC weathercaster and her partnership with Frank Gardner. She has a strong background in news anchoring and commentary. Elizabeth's net worth is estimated to be around $900,000, stemming from her career in broadcasting.

Apart from her weathercasting duties, Elizabeth has also worked on producing and presenting segments for shows like Newsround and the Antiques Roadshow. She is deeply passionate about astronomy, even producing her own show called "Sky at Night" to explore her interest in the subject. Overall, Elizabeth Rizzini is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of interests and experiences, both personally and professionally.

Is Elizabeth Rizzini Pregnant? - FAQs

1. What is Elizabeth Rizzini known for in her professional career?

Elizabeth Rizzini is known as a British weathercaster, particularly for her work with BBC London.

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