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Best Weapons for Each Party Member in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth- A Complete Guide

Discover the optimal weapons for Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, Yuffie, and Cait Sith in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Customize your party for success in diverse battles.

by Tamilarasi

Updated Mar 07, 2024


Best Weapons for Each Party Member in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth- A Complete Guide

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a video game released in 2024 by Square Enix. It follows the story of Cloud Strife, a mercenary, and his group, AVALANCHE, as they try to stop the big company Shinra from using the planet's life force, called the Lifestream, as energy.

They also have to face off against Sephiroth, a powerful enemy from the previous game who wants more power by connecting with the planet.The game mixes action with strategy and role-playing. Players must make decisions and use different skills to defeat enemies and progress through the story.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues the story from Final Fantasy VII Remake, so players who enjoyed the first game can follow along with new adventures.Released for the PlayStation 5, the game received praise from players and critics alike for its exciting gameplay and captivating story.

With its mix of action and strategy, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers players a chance to dive back into the beloved world of Final Fantasy VII in a whole new way.

Best Weapons for Each Party Member in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Cloud Strife

  • Rune Blade: Ideal for magic-based attacks, featuring high Magic Attack stats and an ability to fill the ATB gauge with powerful strikes upon mode switches.

  • Sleek Saber: Emphasizes offense with high Attack stats and elemental abilities, making it effective against various enemies.


  • Hi-Caliber Rifle: Enhances stagger chances and powers up attacks, while its proficiency bonus increases with the firing of bullets.

  • Battle Cry: Increases ATB charge rates for intense battles, making it useful for late-game content.

Tifa Lockhart

  • Slyph Gloves: Excellent for airborne combat, allowing Tifa to bring down flying enemies with ease using wind attacks.

  • Kaiser Knuckles: Emphasizes offense and grants a chance to activate Unbridled Strength, enhancing Tifa's damage output.

Aerith Gainsborough

  • Empress's Scepter: Grants invincibility while casting spells and strengthens Aerith's basic attacks, ensuring her safety while healing the party.

  • Wizard's Rod: Creates a magical shield for defense, enhances Materia capabilities, and offers numerous Materia slots for customization.


  • Silver Collar: Releases ice shards upon hits, charges the Vengeance Mode gauge, and increases damage output.

  • Amethyst Collar: Casts Haste on the entire party, enhancing combat speed and offering a supportive role for Red XIII.

Yuffie Kisaragi

  • Crescent Sickle: Deals massive damage with flying shurikens, knocking down enemies across the battlefield.

  • Twin Viper: Excels in close combat with high Attack stats, albeit with limited Materia slots.

Cait Sith

  • Golden Megaphone: Increases Stagger damage bonus, providing reliable support in battles.

  • Gjallarhorn: Temporarily increases allies' critical hit rates, contributing to powerful hits during combat.

Each weapon offers unique advantages tailored to the respective character's strengths and playstyle, ensuring diversity and customization in battles throughout Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's gameplay is an exciting adventure, expanding on the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Players step into the shoes of Cloud Strife and his friends, venturing beyond the bustling city of Midgar to explore a vast and dynamic world.

The game features a blend of real-time exploration and combat, offering a more extensive overworld compared to its predecessor. Players can freely roam and embark on main story quests or optional sidequests, guided by objective markers.

To traverse the diverse landscapes, players can either walk or ride adorable bird-like creatures called Chocobos for faster travel. In battles, the gameplay combines dynamic melee attacks with the Active-Time Battle (ATB) system, allowing players to switch between characters for strategic advantages.

Magic, physical attacks, and item usage add depth to combat, providing options for offense, defense, and party member revival. The "Synergized" mechanic makes a return, allowing characters to synchronize attacks with a trade-off of a slower ATB bar fill-up, introducing a tactical layer to engagements.

Overall, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's gameplay delivers an accessible and immersive experience, blending beloved elements of the original game with modern enhancements, ensuring an engaging journey through the game's vibrant world.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Development

The development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was a careful and detailed process led by Square Enix. Inspired by the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix planned a trilogy to retell the beloved 1997 PlayStation game. Director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase envisioned captivating players with each installment of the series.

Creating a multi-part series was essential due to the massive task of remaking Final Fantasy VII entirely. Nomura emphasized the challenge of modernizing the game while staying true to its essence, especially with technological advancements. The team aimed to explore Midgar in greater depth, expanding its intricacies and lore.

Development began earnestly before Final Fantasy VII Remake's release, with the team dedicated to crafting an experience that would appeal to both newcomers and longtime fans. They worked to strike a balance between quality and efficiency, ensuring subsequent entries would fully utilize modern hardware like the PlayStation 5.

The announcement of Rebirth coincided with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a remaster enriching the trilogy's backstory. Lead programmer Satoru Koyama discussed plans to enhance party A.I., signaling advancements in gameplay mechanics.

The development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth represents a labor of love, aiming to honor the original game while pushing boundaries in storytelling and gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer

Best Weapons for Each Party Member in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth- FAQs

1. What is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?    

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a video game released by Square Enix, continuing the story of Cloud Strife and AVALANCHE as they battle against the powerful company Shinra and their nemesis Sephiroth.

2. What are the best weapons for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?    

The Rune Blade and Sleek Saber are recommended for Cloud, emphasizing magic or offense respectively.

3. Which weapons suit Barret in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?     

Barret benefits from the Hi-Caliber Rifle for stagger chances and the Battle Cry for increased ATB charge rates.

4. What weapons are ideal for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?   

Tifa excels with the Slyph Gloves for airborne combat and the Kaiser Knuckles for offense.

5. Which weapons are recommended for Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?     

Aerith can utilize the Empress's Scepter for invincibility while casting spells and the Wizard's Rod for defense and Materia enhancements.

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